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Explore the final frontier with Astropreneur. This category invites participants to develop innovative solutions for space exploration and commercialization. From designing sustainable habitats for Mars to creating new technologies for space travel, Astropreneur is your gateway to making an impact in the space industry. Pitch your ideas to a panel of industry experts and turn your space dreams into reality.

Competition Details :

Competition Overview
The Astropreneur competition is under the Kr8ivity League and has been co-developed by the Aatmanirbhar Trust and ABL Education. This competition aims at finding and developing the next Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Sir Richard Branson of India who want to form their own aerospace company. This competition has three rounds:

  • Aankalan (Round 1): Preliminary assessment of student teams.(No elimination)
  • Parikshan (Round 2): Development of company ideas with mentorship (Margadarshan).
  • Udaan (Grand Finale): Presentation of company ideas to a panel of judges from industry and academia.
    Goals and Objectives
    • Nurture leadership and entrepreneurial skills
    • Get knowledge about how to write technical proposals
    • Gain team building experience by forming a dummy company
    • Develop an out-of-box thinking
    • Learn how to package and present ideas in front of experts

Problem Statement

You need to solve only ONE problem statement from the given set of problem (Section 3 of problem statement) to participate in this competition. A maximum of three students can form a team. The student team needs to have one teacher as their mentor/advisor. A teacher can be a mentor/advisor of more
than one student teams. The teams will pose like a company. All the document submissions will be made through the Kr8ivity League website.
Process and Overall Requirements
This competition has three rounds. The student teams need to submit their proposal in a pdf document of maximum 5 MB size for Round 1 (Aankalan). All participating teams will be assessed and mentored to refine their proposals for Round 2 (Parikshan). The proposal for Round 2 will also be in the form of a pdf document of maximum 10 MB size.
The first two rounds will be completely online. The mentorship sessions would be optional and online. Some general mentorship will be provided to all the teams to refine their proposals. Based on the judging criteria listed in Section 4, few teams will be selected for an in person, grand finale round called Udaan. In this round, the finalist teams will submit their final proposals after making further refinements. The finalist teams will also present their ideas in front of a panel of judges. The judging criteria are specified in Section 4 of Problem Statement. 
Proposal Requirements
The proposal document should be developed with the following page limitations in mind.

The proposal template is made available on the website. Please use this template and develop your proposal based on the compliance table/judging criteria. The overview chart is included in this proposal template.

Proposal Template

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Registration Fee

Registration fee is ₹ 899/-

In which you get

  • Registration in Kr8ivity League 2024
  • A Kr8ivity League T-shirt

  • Problem Statement

Registration :

Registration in Kr8ivity League is easy and straightforward. Click the links below to understand it better.

Why Participate?

Participating in Astropreneur of Kr8ivity League offers numerous benefits, including the opportunity to win exciting prizes, gain recognition, and network with industry leaders. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s a place for you in our league.

  • Get a chance to win a trip to NASA.
  • Get a chance to win Industry Visits.

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