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Dive into the world of robotics with Roboquest. This category challenges participants to design, build, and program robots that can tackle a series of complex tasks. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned robotics enthusiast, Roboquest provides a stimulating environment to test your skills and creativity. Compete against the best minds in the field and push the boundaries of what robots can do.

Competition Details :

RoboQuest: Design the Ultimate Drag-and-Place Bot

Calling all young engineers and robotics enthusiasts!

Get ready to unleash your creativity and problem-solving skills in Kreativity League 2024’s RoboQuest challenge.

Your mission: design and build, a wirelessly controlled robot that can navigate a complex arena, strategically drag objects, and precisely relocate them.

Problem Statement

The Challenge:

You will be provided with our exclusive BotBuilder Board containing all the necessary components. However, there’s a twist! You must use multiple piece chassis from any kit to design a unique and innovative robot, showcasing your engineering ingenuity.

Your Robot Must:

  • Be wirelessly controlled using the BotBuilder board (provided).
  • Use BO DC motors with a maximum speed of 150 RPM (tested on a tachometer).
  • Navigate the arena manually, following pre-programmed instructions.
  • Efficiently drag and reposition objects within the arena.
  • Adhere to all size, weight, and electrical specifications (detailed in the RoboQuest Rules and Regulations).
  • Only mobile phones can be used for robot control (no RC remotes).

Additional Details:

  • Detailed Rules and Regulations: Download Problem statement for  a comprehensive guide outlining all technical specifications and competition rules.
  • Competition Rounds and Scoring: Get ready for mind-boggling challenges and a scoring system that will test your robotic ingenuity!


Registration Fee

Registration fee is ₹ 899/-

In which you get

  • Registration in Kr8ivity League 2024
  • A Kr8ivity League T-shirt

  • Problem Statement

Registration :

Registration in Kr8ivity League is easy and straightforward. Click the links below to understand it better.

Why Participate?

Participating in RoboQuest of Kr8ivity League offers numerous benefits, including the opportunity to win exciting prizes, gain recognition, and network with industry leaders. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s a place for you in our league.

  • Get a chance to win a trip to ISRO.
  • Get a chance to win Industry Visits.

Kits :

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